Products and Services

Our Services

Evaluation of family needs

Identifying appropriate services taking into account the country of the child, his culture and his social level

Psychological assessment

Individualized intervention plan

Behavioral Therapies

Coaching for families as well as for the professional team

Service support to daycares and schools

Organization of conferences and workshops for parents and professionals

Specialized trainings with or without accreditation

Animation meeting events for siblings

Coffee Animation events for parents with follow-ups

Development of specialized classes in public and private schools

Project Assessment for better support

International partnerships and twinning of institutions

Raising awareness actions

Our Products

Customized digital tablets adapted to each level

Communication kits (several levels are included: introduction to PECs, autonomy kit, educational kit)

Personalized and adapted educational materials

Sensory tools and equipment

Daycare equipment

All our services are offered by experts chosen on an ad-hoc basis or on a longer term according to family’s needs.

A contract is drawn up for each proposed service, explaining the responsibility of families and professionals.

The main role of our company is to offer a personalized Canadian expertise according to specific needs of each child, his family and his environment.