Our Mission

AUTISM-EXC is a Canadian company whose mission consists of:

Focusing all its activities on Autism

Adapting the offered products and services according to special needs of each child, of his family and the professional team.

Regular updates of offered products and services with respect to progresses of research and knowledge development in autism field as well as the personal evolution of the child.

Insuring a privileged partnership with charities.

Some of the services offered in Canada can be offered remotely.

1% of the product and service price will be automatically given to local Autism foundation.

Providing tools, products and services using the best expertise in autism, validated by North American experts.

Providing products and services adapted to the country, the culture and the social level of the child.

An individualized service, based on the reality of the child by prioritizing his needs.

Validating all proposed products and services by a multidisciplinary team, where the parent is a major player.

All products and services are offered in different languages with respect to different needs.